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Existing Law, Lots of Experience, and a Deep Sense of Practical Caution Create an Awesome Experience.
During our 27 years of experience we have all along held strict safety standards and procedures that exceed what the law requires. It's more than wanting you to feel safe when you are our guests; it's a genuine quest that you be safe when you come out to play with us. That starts with our location, on calm, and protected Sentosa.

Aqua Man Jetpack & Training
Sea Breeze in Hawaii was the first to commercially offer this extraordinary activity, where participants can literally fly approximately 30 feet above the water. We have invested in a safety video and state of the art safety equipment which will all be available in Sentosa, Singapore as well. All guests are required to view the safety video before each flight experience. After viewing the safety video, a JetPack instructor, certified by the manufacturer and an expert pilot, will work with you step-by-step providing training on a face-to-face basis. Once the instructor feels you are ready, your experience will begin, where the instructor controls your flight from beginning to end, talking with you through a safety helmet's communications system and actually controlling the throttle (until you have mastered the required skills).

Will you tumble into the water at some point? Very likely.
Will you actually get in the air and fly? Very likely.
Will you ever feel unsafe? No, not for a minute.

Banana Boats & Bumper Tubes
There's not too much that can go wrong when people get on one of these...unless they forget to hold on. But if anyone falls into the water, the plunge is mere inches and EVERYONE wears a flotation device. Speedboats driven by MPA licensed Captains pull these tube-like devices. The Captain and his safety look-out crew member watch like hawks, so even fairly small kids can enjoy a safe experience as long as they don't mind getting soaking wet. Getting on and off takes place effortlessly on the beach shore. Even children can easily wade to the devices where a safety crew member will help them aboard if they need it.

That the water-propelled jetpack can hit a top speed of 25 mph and reach a maximum height of 30 ft. It has a phenomenal maximum range of 120 km too!

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We're not just about the 'cool' sports. In fact, most of our activities are great for the family and large groups of friends!

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